Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Messengers

(The Messengers)

The Messengers: thriller film follow the horror story of the Solomon Family after leaving paced life of Chicago for the scheduled world of a North Dakota farm, moving into haunted sunflower farm, this was realized by Jess (Kristen Stewart) and her brother Ben a 3 year old boy. In Amidst the tranquil sway of the farm's field of sunflowers,they began seeing ominous apparitions invisible to everyone else. Begin to wonder and think that Ben was insane, experiencing a risk for the tortured teen. Seeing face to face in the spirit once live in that place.

People think about she's gonna be insane, hard to get trust the people and be warned. unsafe confrontation that leaves her believability in question with those she desperately tries to warn before it is too late.