Thursday, April 16, 2009

American Zombie Horror Movie Review

The bloody horror story of AMERICAN ZOMBIE Embed by Lee is obvious reluctance on paper John ( "Saturday Night Live," writes John Solomon officers), whose interests in the more shocking that rejects zombiedom - perhaps recklessly - just as stereotyped.

It is a great time this weekend. On Mike house with his several friends and family members who were way cool about letting us slather them up with karo-blood and latex body parts. A usual tradition of being Northerners by nature they were also able to laugh off the cold rain when we later filmed the obligatory "tear the guy open and munch his guts" sequence.

Nice zombie makeup by Mike, as always. After having what we thought was a great idea for a slashed throat effect not work so great last week it was real nice to have an experiment actually work out BETTER than we'd expected. Gelatin skin, buttered on one side and colored on the other, makes for a very convincing skin to make it edible.

American Zombie Movie Synopsis: Using a pseudo-documentary format, American Zombie explores the everyday lives of zombies who live in American society and the struggles they face for social equality and self- identity.

Cast: Grace Lee, Austin Basis, Suzy Nakamura, John Solomon, Al Vicente, Jane Edith Wilson

Director: Grace Lee

Studios: Cinema Libre Studio/Lee Lee Films