Saturday, September 1, 2007

Movie Review : House Of Wax

Bring back the older movie “House on Haunted Hill” and Thir13en Ghost”, in remake features HOUSE OF WAX. A story goes long with the frustrated insane professor who propagated a wax museum in an unusual manner, The real man encased and captured in a wax and bringing out the artistic and natural figures. Story beyond along with the group of friends and as lovers. A set of two twins one is Carly and Nick Jones (Elisha Cuthbert and Chad Micheal Murray) the main character in the scene.Having with twin gap because of this Nick blame her twin sister Carly whom he sent him in to a bail, the other cast Jared Padalecki : Wade , Paris Hilton : Page Edwards, Jon Abrahams: John Chapman, Robert Richard : Blake, Damon Herriman : Lester. Supposedly finding their way shortcut to football leauge turns to way shortcut in their death ends.

This should be a Happy road trip when friends got stranded, While looking for a gas station, Carly and her ill fated boyfriend discover a backwater town. the town still seems centered around its once infamous House of Wax. Never know at first that house of wax was a house for man's figures meat. But still all the characters in this movie turn to a images of wax. Still this Carly and Nick fighting to survive out with this hell house.

The ghoulish exhibits within are the work of a reclusive wax maker named Vincent. It's no spoiler to anyone familiar with the 1953 Vincent Price original. This was a very Freaky yet amazing effects horror movie.


Janna said...

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black_hat said...

Nice blog, I think paris hilton did great in the film, still being she very sexy......

Faith Cooper said...

I watched this film and it has a supernatural plots that usually end with a twist ending. I want to have a DVD copy of it.

Good Post!

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