Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Ring : Horror Review

A classic remake of the 1998 Japanese hit Ringu urban myths around the story of video tape that contains the captured images of a nightmare sudden destiny of death 7 days right after you seen the video tape and receive a phone call.

The Ring a story circled with the mystery behind the founded video tape by a journalist Rachel Keller's (watts) while the quest starts behind the sinister truth the death of her niece who literally scared to death. Patterned herself with the following clues. My emotion gets to it, when a scene she saw the non-believer to terrified mother as she finds the tape and watches it, condemning herself to just seven short days on earth…

As to Rachel and Noah started to loose a tale of absolute terror and a legacy of evil that threatens to destroy not only themselves, but everyone that sees 'the Ring'.

Director: Gore Verbinski

Actors :

Naomi Watts : Rachel Keller, David Dorfman : Aidan , Rachel Bella : Becca, Daveigh Chase :Samara Morgan , Martin Henderson : Noah , Amber Tamblyn : Katie, Lindsay Frost : Ruth, Shannon Cochran : Anna Morgan, Brian Cox : Richard Morgan, Jane Alexander : Dr. Grasnik, Pauley Perrette : Beth, Sara Rue : Babysitter.


psyche said...

I appreciate you're review about the movie "The Ring". It is so informative and has a clear concept. Regarding to the movie it is so scary and exiting. I really like this movie.

camiLLe_01 said...

I think no one would dare to watch this movie alone. That's how scary it was. I can't remember how many times I screamed because of this movie. It was really a great horror movie.

Television Show said...

The Ring scared the Hell out of me! It's been years that I've been searching for horror movies that will pass in my standard and Sadako is one of the best! I hope they will make a television show out of it!

Jian said...

I have a collection of this movie, from Ring -O to ring 2. I really love horror movies

black_hat said...

the ring is very scary , a daylight horror, until now the ring gives me the creep :D

Anonymous said...

it never scared me really..or im just expecting too much creepy things in the movie.

Online DVDs said...

It was a pretty good horror movie! You can even think it's going to be that scary!

Good Post!

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