Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday The 13th: Television Series

Season 1: (1)The Inheritance, (2) The Poison Pen, (3) Cupid's Quiver, (4) A Cup of Time, (5) Hellowe'en, (6)The Great Montarro, (7) Doctor Jack, (8) Shadow Boxer, (9) the Root of All Evil, (10) Tales of the Undead, (11) Scarecrow, (12) Faith Healer, (13) The Baron's Bride, (14) Bedazzled, (15) Vanity's Mirror, (16) Tatto, (17) The Electrocutions, (18) Brain Drain, (19) The Quilt of Hathor, (20) Episode #1.20, (21) Double Exposure, (22) The Pirates Promise, (23) Badge of Honor, (24) Pipe Dream, (25) What a Mother Wouldn't Do, (26) Bottle of Dreams.

Season 2: (1) Doorway to Hell, (2)The Voodoo Mambo, (3)And Now the News, (4) Tails I Live, Heads Your Die, (5) Symphony in B#, (6) Master of Disguise, (7) Wax Magic, (8) Read My Lips, (9) 13 O'clock, (10) night Hunger, (11) The Sweetest Sting, (12) The Playhouse, (13) Eye of Death, (14) Face of Evil, (15) Better Off Dead, (16) Scarlet Cinema, (17) The Memphisto Ring, (18) A Friend to the End, (19) The Butcher, (20) The Secret Agenda of Mesmer's Bauble, (21) Wedding Black, (22) Wedding Bell Blues, (23) The maestro, (24) The Shaman's Apprentice, (25) The Prisoner, (26) Coven of Darkness.

Season 2: (1) The Prophecies: Part 2, (2)The Prophecies, (3)Demon Hunter, (4) Crippled Inside, (5) Stick it in your Ear, (6) Bad Penny, (7) Hate on your Dial, (8) Night Prey, (9) Femme fatal, (10) Mightier Than the Sword, (11) Year of the Monkey, (12) Epitah for a Lonely Soul, (13) Midnight Rider, (14) Repetition, (15) The Long Road, (16) My Wife as a Dog, (17) Jack-In-The-Box, (18) The Spirit of television, (19) Tree Of life, (20) The Charnal Pit.

Maked in history, a television series which ran for three seasons, from September 1987 to may 1990. by producer Frank Mancuso, paramount pictures.The story follows with the adventure of two cousin, Ryan Dallion and Micki Foster, who get in to an antique shop, "Curious Goods," from their Uncle Vendredi. We find out in the first episode that Vendredi made a pact with the Devil, to sell cursed antiques. He recanted at the last minute and tried to recover the antiques, but was claimed by Hell. The cousins, aided by Vendredi's partner Jack Marshak, used the store's manifest to track down the cursed antiques, each of which fell into the hands of someone who inevitably used them for evil.

Since the Television series doesn't have any connection with the title. It said that this can be appealing to the audience, a very creepy horror movie. Decided by the producer in tradition make it Friday the 13th.


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black_hat said...

I remember watching it when i was young it gives me the creeps :D

Faith Cooper said...

I remember this movie.. A horror film for the month of February! It wasn't a bad movie, actually I enjoy watching it!

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