Monday, September 24, 2007

Exorcist : The Beginning

Exorcist: The Beginning
The Beginning of the evil possessed in archeological founded, in similar with Pazuzu by Father Lankester Merrin. This stands for fictional character and the main antagonist from The Exorcist horror novel. It began with Reagan finding depression after her mom and her biological father came to separation. -- The spooky creepy episode start with different supernatural thing occur in the movie; violently shaking beds, strange noises and unexplained movement.

As with climax of the story, Father Damian Karras and Father Merrin help this evil out to Reagan, for the evil was in with herself. But unfortunately the two was never succeeded, Father Merrin dies of heart failure and Father Karras shouts at the demon to enter himself. After this, the priest immediately throws himself outside of Regan's bedroom window in order to stop the spirit from continuing its cycle in possession.

Academy Awards

The Exorcist was nominated for a total of 10 Academy Awards in 1973. At the 46th Annual Academy Awards ceremony, it won two statuettes.

Academy Award for Sound
Academy Award for Writing Adapted Screenplay
Best Picture

Best Actress for Ellen Burstyn
Best Supporting Actor for Jason Miller
Best Supporting Actress for Linda Blair
Best Director for William Friedkin
Best Cinematography
Best Film Editing
Best Art Direction

Other Awards

Saturn Award Best Horror Film of 1973.
Entertainment Weekly voted it the scariest film ever made

American Film Institute rated the film in #3 out of the most thrilling movies. The film was right behind Jaws and Psycho.
Bravo's 100 Scariest Movie Moments rated the film #3, right behind Alien and Jaws.


Janna said...

I haven't seen this film. Is it scary?

skyknight said...

I saw this movie and I a bit freaky because only the priest and the child who lives and all the people around them died. This is a very good movie of how strong is your faith to God!

excorcist fanatic said...

See the listed academy awards and other awards the film had, isn't enough reason for it to be categorized as one of the great suspense movie.

Avril Lavigne's Performance on MTV Latin Awards said...

The Exorcism of Emily Rose for me is the best exorcist movie...

black_hat said...

don't know bout this, but i think this is one great horror film, I've watched the the first one, yet this a very interesting film,the beginning of the exorcism.....

movie theater said...

I'm not familiar with this movie but i can say that exorcism of emily rose is a great horror movie so i think this one is great too...

movieguide said...

The exorcist is one of the scariest movie of our time...

Movie Guide

Sherly said...

One suspects that the original Exorcist would be rejected as being too boring were it made new today.


Faith Cooper said...

Planning to buy online dvds like this. Because Exorcist is one of the scariest movie I have ever seen.

Siddu said...

If Your taking about the "Exorcist : The Beginning" than its one of the best plot and scary movie anyone will see. Awesome effects